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Turn Key Projects



At Pipe Restoration Solutions, we understand that everyone we come in contact with has different needs. This is why we offer a turn-key set of services that can be tailored precisely to the unique demands of each individual project that we undertake.

What this means for you is that we can take the entire project on and handle all the details from the beginning to the end. We want to make life easy for you and be your one point of contact. From the initial educational and discovery process, to engineering and permitting, to actual construction and inspection, and finally to close out and warranty, we can handle it all.
We are set apart in our industry due to the fact we are dually licensed as both a “General Contractor” and a “Master Plumbing Contractor”. As a licensed General Contractor, we are legally capable of hiring and supervising multiple trade disciplines other than just plumbing that a large project may need to be successful. These can range from important “life-safety” issues like fire rated drywall assemblies or separations in multi-family, health care or commercial buildings to understanding how a structural foundation works before cutting into a concrete slab or core drilling in a post or pre-tensioned floor.
Large scale projects require a thorough due diligence period and immense pre-planning with everyone involved. With our long history of construction management, we can handle anything that comes our way.