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We are industry leaders

At Pipe Restoration Solutions, we have found that when high-quality material and creativity comes together something special happens…  Projects are completed with excellence and above expectation; Long term relationships are built; Problems are permanently solved.

Our business philosophy is simple:  We want to First, listen to your need.  Second, identify the best solution and Third, deliver the highest quality end result all while giving you a great customer experience.

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Our Team & Approach

When PRS looks at a project we want to ensure we are putting the “right” plan in place and are prepared for the task at hand.  Every project has its unique needs based on overall job scope, site conditions, project timeframes and difficulty level.

PRS is a State of Florida Certified Plumbing Contractor that specializes in full pipe restoration.  Whether it be sanitary sewer or storm, potable water, fire suppression or HVAC chiller lines, our goal is to provide solutions to the failing piping infrastructure utilizing the latest plumbing and trenchless technology available.  We also carry a State of Florida Class “A” General Contractor’s license which sets us apart.  This allows us to really understand and be able to deal with accessing the failing pipe.  If needed, we are bondable and carry a low bonding rate through our surety company.

Our owner, Joshua Shrock, is a well-rounded, hands on professional with over 18 years of experience in various facets of the construction industry.  He has experience managing many successful complex plumbing and building projects in Florida and around the U.S.  Joshua currently serves as the President of PRS and holds a General Contractor, Building Contractor and Plumbing Contractor license with the State of Florida and has also been a Licensed General Contractor in California & Tennessee. In the last several years he has personally qualified and managed projects ranging up to $54 million dollars.  Joshua is also very passionate about and involved in the educational components of the construction industry and is a Continuing Education instructor in the state of Florida.


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Our Services

Video Pipe Inspections

This is where it all starts… We partner with you by taking all the guesswork out of your problems and provide an “in living color” video inspection of your plumbing or piping system.  Our specially made waterproof cameras

Trenchless Pipe Repair

In a nutshell, Trenchless Pipe Repair means we can restore your failing sewer pipes and water lines efficiently and effectively, without tearing up your property. A variety of advanced techniques are at our disposal to ensure that your property stays in tact

Turn Key Projects

At Pipe Restoration Solutions, we understand that everyone we come in contact with has different needs. This is why we offer a turn-key set of services that can be tailored precisely to the unique demands of each individual